Minidoss - Crafting Your Resume Business Card

Objective or Goal

In developing your Minidoss message, you want to get a prospective employer's attention. Think like this: you've got about 7 seconds to get their interest.

The Objective or Goal part of your Minidoss card should provide some key information about who you are, what position you are wanting to attain, and what kind of company you are wanting to work for.

Here's a Sample:

"Proven Sales Leader seeks Seattle-based Sales Position for
Technology-Oriented, Growing Company

And another:

"Expert Programmer experienced with Rapid-Growth
Companies wants to Help You Build an Effective, Scalable System


Contact Information

Your prospective Employer needs to contact you. Have a professional personal email address and working telephone number ready for your card.

"" is not professional. If your cell-phone has been disconnected, it's best not to even put your cell number on your card.

It is best practice to have an email that reads "" (or "", or ""). If your name is common enough to have been taken already, you can try putting in a middle initial or even your full given name: "". Search around at all the different free email sites and you'll be sure to find one where a suitable, professional personal email address is available.

As for the case of a disconnected phone, let's face it, it's a hard one to get around. Perhaps you have friends, family, or even an amicable neighbor who would be happy to take a message from a prospective employer. It's probably best if you asked their permission before you have their numbers published on your cards and handed out to hundreds of people.


Your Key Resume Points

You probably already have a résumé written. In this part of your Minidoss design, you will likely want 3 key points (5-7 key points for a tent card) that will make a prospective employer gain interest in you.

Can your previous work be quantified?

" Sold 300% of quota for a record six consecutive quarters. "

" Saved the company $200,000 over 3 years by developing and initializing streamlined expense policies "

Did you take on additional duties in your previous work?

" Served as Ombudsman between Six Sigma Group and Company Directors "

Were you tasked with enacting a successful program?

" Implemented Company-wide Recycling Program which
cut waste 72%, cut taxes an additional 7%, and increased
revenues by 8%

The most important key points to put on your resume and your Minidoss Card is what, exactly, your prospective employer can expect from you. Results, results, results!

Bottom Line Results - Money Saving Results - Time Saving Results
Spreading Awareness Results
- Customer Retention Results - Payment Collection Results
Increased "Days Without Accident" Results - Increased Manufacturing Output Results
Increased Membership Results - Improved Inventory Management Results
Loss Prevention Results - Security Enhancement Results

In your last positions of employment, what was expected of you and how did you deliver beyond those expectations? Chances are, there is an employer looking for an answer to a question you answered for your last employer.


Link to a Full Résumé

You have your prospective employer's attention with some key points. Now send the employer to your full, online résumé.

If you have a written résumé, but it's not online, you may want to get it uploaded. There's plenty of job sites, career sites, blogs, and networking sites that offer a free way to post your résumé for the world to see. - Minidoss Recommended!

You could also do something like this, but we don't recommend it. :)