MinidossQR - Resume Business Cards and Quick Response (QR)

What is QR?


Quick Response, or QR, is a graphical encryption technique that encodes text information, such as words and commands, which can be read by a QR scanner.

MinidossQR utilizes this QR technology to send QR-readers (typically smartphones like iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) a command to open up a particular website, like a job-seeker's online resume.

Why is QR Important?

This is relatively new technology that transcends the use of other encoding methods like grocery-item barcodes and shipping label scannables. It actually commands the scanner to do something, like place contact information (vCard) into an address book, or prompt to open up a website in the device's browser.

Is QR right for my Minidoss card?

In developing MinidossQR, we tested a few scanners against both different encoding resources and different types of information to encode. Some scanners work better than others, some encoding resources worh better than others, and the most reliable type of information across the board was the http link to say, an online resume, LinkedIn profile, or resume blog.

Based on our research, we strongly suggest that QR codes be used solely as links for both online resumes and online professional profiles.

If you have a resume or professional profile online, MinidossQR would be an outstanding addition to your resume business card. If this applies to you, order yours today!