The Environment: Awareness, Responsibility, Action

As a microbusiness, Minidoss has a pretty good advantage at being environmentally friendly. Low vehicle emissions, low waste, digital records instead of fileboxes filled with paper.

But isn't there a lot of pollution and waste that goes along with providing design and print services?

Our answer is a loud and clear "NO!"

Here's why. Minidoss cards are printed:

Printed with Soy

There's more to our environmental awareness. Administratively, we do not print our internal paperwork except that which is just a mandatory part of the adminstrative side of the business. We prefer digital records, and have invested in and use digital storage systems.

As a part of SmithGeist Media, we have adopted their low-fuel, high-technology systems so we can meet with clients, associates, and partners over the phone or through a plethora of computer based communications and teleconferencing interfaces.

Minidoss is Environmentally Aware and doing what we can to be as low impact on the earth, yet provide high-impact materials for your world!