We would like to say that Minidoss is the brainchild of SmithGeist Media (formerly Bright Ideas Design Group). But that wouldn't be exactly the truth. Résumé Business Cards aren't exactly a new idea, though it is catching on as people looking for work are incorporating out-of-the-box ideas to supplement old traditional and even new traditional job search strategies. Job networking has become as important as Help Wanted sections of the newspaper, Monster, and Careerbuilder.

SmithGeist, however, has one genuine asset: the creativity of its customers. And it was one customer who found herself needing a job, and she turned to us with this very important part of her overall employment strategy. Here's what we developed:

our first Minidoss design

She liked the cards. A lot. The design is simple, elegant, glossy design on weighty 16 pt. card stock with full color, front and back. She put them to good use, too, and received many compliments on her card, and her creativity and ingenuity in having such nice cards to give.

So, we wondered if this was a service that could help others in their job searches and networking efforts.

We did some research, offered our low-cost , high quality design and printing to groups here and there, and the response we got was quite positive. Thus, Minidoss was born.

It has been about two years since we made our first Minidoss card. The economy has been bad and people are losing their jobs. However, as of this writing, there is some good news - companies are starting to hire again, and the economy seems to be picking up.

Goal, Mission, and the Future

Minidoss seeks to not just sell resume business cards, but to serve the job seeker by offering free tools, resources, and to recommend useful books and other products, too. We offer free listings for Job Fairs and Job Networking Groups, which are freely searchable to anyone who wishes to view them.

We also promote Job Networking, which is the most effiecient, most effective way to find a job. We seek to not only promote it, but become evangelists for this method of job searching.

Above all, we are working to become a reliable, highly-used resource for job searchers.

If you have recently lost a job, or want to seek employment where the grass is just a bit greener, try our Minidoss cards in your job networking endeavors. Minidoss cards leave quite an impression wth potential employers, and you'll have plenty to give to people in your networking groups, friends, and families that are helping you search for the job you need and the job you'll love.