Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions about Minidoss, Our Products and Designs

Your minimum order is 1000 cards. Do I need that many? Can I order less?

The real cost in printing cards is not in the quantity, but in the plating. We could offer less than 1000 cards, but there's no discount for you in offering a lower quantity.

That being said, a quantity of 1000 cards allows you to give plenty of cards to people in your core networking group, and have enough for interviews and the serendipitously random meeting with a key decision maker.

1000 cards - if you use them wisely, someone is bound to take notice!

We have now added an ECONOMY Package that includes just 100 Cards!


Can I just print my own cards?

It really depends on your approach to the competitive job market. What are your goals for using the cards? What kind of impact do you want to make? Are you "going it alone", or do you have a network of friends, family, and professional peers ready, willing, and able to help you exploit their hiring connections?

If you just need one, two, or ten cards to use on various interviews, and are happy with your job search approach, then designing your own cards and printing them at Fedex Kinkos or your laser printer at home might be a good option for you.

However, if your approach to your job search is through an organized network of people, you are using guerilla job search tactics, and you want the best personal branding tool you can get, then Minidoss is the way to go. You get professionally printed, thick, glossy cards, professionally designed and personalized for you.

With a competitive price and quick turnaound, Minidoss is quite simply the best choice for the professional who is taking charge of a job search.


Why Should I pick Minidoss over its Competitors?

We are here to help you promote you! That's why we give you lot's of bang for little buck.

Yeah, there are free resume business cards out there you might be tempted to use. But on the cards those companies send you, they put their company information. We want your cards to promote YOU, not US. We can handle our own marketing (but your referrals are always appreciated).

As for our competition that charge for their services, let me highlight what we do better: