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Improve Your Job Search with Resume Business Cards

Whether you are planning your job search strategy, developing your job network, or preparing for scheduled job interviews, Minidoss wants to be that small but essential part of your job search activity. Our resume business cards are professionally designed, professionally printed, and quickly delivered to you. (read more)

highland plaid Morning Elegant

Highland Plaid
Resume Business Card


Good Morning
Resume Business Card


Elegant Professional
Resume Business Card

couture   Sandstone   legal white

Brenda Couture
Resume Business Card


Legal Sandstone
Resume Business Card


Legal White
Resume Business Card

Argyle   Kelly Resume Buisness Card   Tudor

Argyle McFadden
Resume Business Card


Kelly Green
Resume Business Card


Henry Tudor
Resume Business Card

Job Networking

The majority of job openings are not advertised, and somewhere between 60-80% of jobs filled today are gained through networking. You might be familiar with the old saying, "It's who you know". If the game is ""Who you know", then why not get to know people? Why not use the resources in the people you do know?

Minidoss promotes job networking as the most effective, most efficient, and most reliable way to gain employment. It's a simple fact you find in most of the news articles on finding a job today. Don't take our word for it - search the news for "job networking".

Resume Business Cards are an Effective Job Search Tool

No matter how you implement your greater job search strategy, Minidoss Resume Business Cards can help. Our resume business cards feature 3-5 concise points from your resume, education, and your essential contact information. They also provide the web address for your online resume, professional blog, or professional profile on sites like LinkedIn.

As a supplement to your resume, and far less bulkier than a stack of resumes, Minidoss Resume Business Cards can be used to effectively advance your job search strategy: